Sara S

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Penaudio developed Sara as the first in a new line of speakers centered around 6.5” drivers bridging the gap between 2-way monitors and 3-way floor standers. Sara plays big and natural. Enter Cenya, a new 2-way monitor the takes the purity, musicality and smoothness of Charisma to a new level.

The positive attributes of Sara melded with the liquidness of Cenya has given way to Sara S (special). Sara S plays big, clean bass with the natural openness of Cenya. Sara S continues to defy its size with room filling bass and a clarity only heard from Sinfonia. Note by note Sara S delivers music.

Penaudio’s 2.5-way, 4-ohm design continues to please listeners and amps. Sara S is a stable, easy to drive speaker. It matches Sara in width and height but is 2” deeper giving midrange/woofers more room to play music for you.

2,5-way, floorstander, reflex loaded
Drive units
30 mm textile dome tweeter (Wavecor),
2 x 145 mm (5,7”) midrange/woofer, copper rings above and below T-shaped pole piece, radial reinforced rubber surround (Seas Excel)
300, 4000 Hz
Frequency range
in room response
32-28000 Hz
87 dB/1 m/2,83 V
Nominal impedance
4 ohms
Recommended amplifier
>40 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)
165 x 1080 x 317 mm
Buttom platform size
300 x 345 mm
20 kg (44 lbs)
Seas drivers, WBT Nextgen 0708 CU, polypropylene capacitors, air-core inductors, aluminium reflex pipe, Finnish Plywood 18 mm and Sandwich Veneer 1.5 mm + MDF 16mm + Plywood 5 mm (High Gloss Version MDF 25 mm and MDF 18 mm) cabinet

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