Rebel Three was reviewed by finnish Inner Audio Magazine

"Penaudio used to be a one man dream. Through his loudspeakers Sami Penttilä wanted to express, convey and share similar feelings of well-being that he personally retrieved, say, from Italian dishes or from a handful of sportcars in the front yard.

He pursued his goal by being careful about what goes in his loudspeakers (units especially) but also by inventing a stylistic use of plywood that soon became the trademark for Penaudio."

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Penaudio's Sara S Signature was reviewed by japanese Audio Accessory in their September 2014 issue.

"It is modern sound like wide range, high resolution, and good response in bass. Low rhythm instruments like kick drums sound very clear in feeling of air and sound pressure. This speaker reproduces music very precisely and naturally. It is not like other modern Hi-Fi speakers with stoic mechanical-sounding tone. Sound form of vocals is so real. Orchestra sounds three dimensional, and you can imagine high transparency of the hall. Overtone of strings sounds pure and not exaggerated. Intonation and nuance of piano is very accurate."

Penaudio's new Rebel got recommended mention from Russian Salon AV magazine october 2014 issue!

Totally excellent review from Tone magazine. Go Cenya!

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Penaudio Cenya reviewed (finnish) in, Finland

Penaudios Cenya got excellent review and recommendation from finnish webmagazine.  

Penaudio Sinfonietta reviewed in TONE magazine!

Penaudios Sinfonietta was reviewed by Tone magazine, USA. Starting from page 166!

Penaudio Sara S reviewed in finnish

Penaudio Sara S was reviewed in finnish online magazice First paragraph says: "Nice sounding finnish beauty".

Helsinki Hifi Expo 2013

Penaudio will be presenting its products 1-3 of November in Helsinki Hifi Expo.

Penaudio Cenya ranked as class B monitor by Stereophile, USA

Penaudios Cenya is second Penaudio product that hits the Stereophiles recommendation list. Cenya was ranked as class B monitor.  

Another Sara S review from Japan! Audio Accessory #149

Audio Accessory 149 SARA S review

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