Penaudio Sara S reviewed in finnish

Penaudio Sara S was reviewed in finnish online magazice First paragraph says: "Nice sounding finnish beauty".

Helsinki Hifi Expo 2013

Penaudio will be presenting its products 1-3 of November in Helsinki Hifi Expo.

Penaudio Cenya ranked as class B monitor by Stereophile, USA

Penaudios Cenya is second Penaudio product that hits the Stereophiles recommendation list. Cenya was ranked as class B monitor.  

Another Sara S review from Japan! Audio Accessory #149

Audio Accessory 149 SARA S review

New Signature Series

Penaudio launched new Signature series of Cenya and Sara S in Munich High End 2013 show 9-12 May. Actually we can talk about brand new products as they have same Seas Crescendo tweeter that is in Sinfonietta and Sinfonia. They have more internal volume as basic models, their inner side walls are damped with sheets of bitum. They have WBT 0705 silver pole screws and they are labeled with designer Sami Penttiläs autograph in back of the speaker. And of course cross-over is redesigned.

Sara S review from Audio Accessory, Japan 2013

Cenya review from Audio Accessory, Japan 2013.

Penaudios flagship Sinfonia reviewed in Russian Audio Magazine 12/2012

AM-106-Penaudio "Penaudio managed to create the acoustics that are surprisingly superior to their previous experience, former concept of playing and the expectations of the sound of the Finnish brand."

Sara S review again in Russian magazine. This time in!

"Sara S is never ending holiday of relax". Is there any better way to describe it! hi-fi_10-Penaudio S(1)

Sara S review from Russian What Hifi, 10/2012

sara_s review in russian What Hifi magazine!

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