Show Reports

SoundStage! – RMAF 2011

CES 2006 Las Vegas 5.-8.1.2006

Once again in Vegas. This time it was Penaudio ALBA that collected nice feedback. It´s always nice to meet people who share the view

Positive Feedback

Helsinki Hifi show. 17.-18.9.2005

Premier of Penaudio ALBA 2-way floor standing speaker. Pre-production model collected nice feedback…

CES 2004

“With imaging, depth and palpability to die for Penaudio Rebel2 speakers ($1500), Blue Circle Music Pump amplifiers ($799), and Music Purse preamp ($499), Wadia 861B CD player ($6250) and Blue Circle BC95 cabling combined for sound that belied the setup`s size—and fashion appeal.”

Doug Schneider, Jeff Fritz CES 2004

“For such a small country as Finland, the last thing I expected to discover was another talented speaker designer. For years I`ve admired Gradient`s bass dipole designs, whose airy, non-boxy bass character, shown through, even under show conditions. And now, it`s Penaudio`s Sami Penttilä who takes the limelight. The stacked Chara+Charisma ($5550 per pair), a floor-standing three-way design, made a fine impression.”

enjoythemusic, Dick Olsher CES 2004

New York HE2004

“This was my first chance to sample this combination and it immediately lured me in with its directness of presentation and full-throttled character.”

Nelson Brill

“The next room did have that magic, at a substantially lower price, and from companies that were new to me. The Penaudio Charisma monitor at $2995/pr is designed to mate with the Chara woofer at $2500. Wrapped in a thin veneer of plywood, the visual impression was that the entire loudspeaker cabinet was carved out of a stack of plywood, giving it a very modern look.

Now, do I dare say this was one of the best rooms at the show? A little shy on bass, perhaps, but why not?! Every hand has to have a wildcard.”

enjoythemusic, Rick Becker

San Francisco HE2003

First time for Penaudio in San Francisco. A week after Frankfurt show bass unit Chara with Rebel2 and Charisma were doing a great job again.

The feedback coulnd´t have be any better. Many of the visitors stayed for a quite some time and enjoyed what they heard and saw.

We would like to thank all of you who visited us. We had a great time thanks to you.

“Most fun at the show”
- Dave Thomas Stereotimes

enjoythemusic, Dick Olsher CES 2004

Reviews & Statements

Another Sara S review from Japan! Audio Accessory #149

Sara S review from Audio Accessory, Japan 2013

Cenya review from Audio Accessory, Japan 2013.

Penaudios flagship Sinfonia reviewed in Russian Audio Magazine 12/2012

AM-106-Penaudio "Penaudio managed to create the acoustics that are surprisingly superior to their
previous experience, former concept of playing and the expectations of the sound of the Finnish brand."

Sara S review again in Russian magazine. This time in!

"Sara S is never ending holiday of relax". Is there any better way to describe it!

hi-fi_10-Penaudio S(1)

Sara S review from Russian What Hifi, 10/2012

sara_s review in russian What Hifi magazine!

Sinfonia review in finnish Innerworldaudio, September 2012

Cenya review by Absolute Sound, USA 2012

Cenya review from Russia.

Penaudio Cenya was reviewed by, Russia, June 2012.


Taiwanese review from Sinfonia

Penaudios flagship Sinfonia review in U.Audio, June 2012.

20120615 §CÀWºuºu¦Ó¨Ó ¸ÕÅ¥Penaudio Sinfonia³â¥z

Russian reviewed Penaudios flagship Sinfonia.

Penaudio Cenya reviewed in Greece!

Meilleur achat (Best Buy) Cenya review from France by haute fidelite Mars 2012

Penaudio Cenya was reviewed by french haute fidelite in their Mars 2012 issue. Cenyas got "Meilleur achat" (Best Buy) nomination!

Cenya review from Stereotimes, USA 2012

Rebel3 review from Korea 2011

Another Sara review from Korea

Another Cenya review from Korea.

Serenade reviewed and awarded as "TOP 2012" product by hifinews.RU

Cenya reviewed and awarded as "TOP 2012" product by hifinews.RU

Penaudio Sara reviewed in Russia by Stereo&Video

Penaudio Sara was reviewed by Stereo&Video, Russia, 2011.

Download review (.pdf)

Cenya reviewed in Germany 1/2012.

Cenya awarded in Usa by Stereotimes

Penaudio Cenya has been awarded as "The Most Wanted Component 2011" by Stereotimes, USA.


Cenya awarded in Usa by TONE

Cenya was awarded as "the best small speaker" by TONE Magazine, USA, November 2011.

Tone Magazine issue 41 (See page 25)

Cenya awarded in Japan.

CENYA was awarded an 'AUDIO EXCELLENCE AWARD 2012 (small sized speaker system category)' in Japan.

Penaudios Cenya again! -Russia

Sara review from Mexico!

Files are so far pretty large 13M so be patient.

First Cenya review! -Russia

The first Cenya review ever. And guys from Russia got ´em first.


Rebel3 Review Russia 2011

Latest review. Rebel3

Latest award for Charisma!

Penaudio Charisma has won "Pure Audio Grand Prix 2011" award from Japan in speaker category. Onneksi olkoon Charisma!

Penaudio Sara review from the Netherlands

Latest review. In spotlight Rebel3!

InnerWorld Audio Magazine October 2010

"Sami Penttilä, Penaudio & Fast Cars/Inneworld Audio Magazine/October 2010"

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Rebel3 reviewed in TONE Magazine Feb. 2010

"Rebel3 reviewed in TONE Magazine February/2010"

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Serenade reviewed in taiwanese My-Hiend Aug. 08

"Serenade reviewed in taiwanese My-Hiend August/2008"

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Image Hifi 5/2008 (Nr. 83)

"Image Hifi 5/2008 (Nr. 83): Company story about Penaudio: Aus hartem Holz geschnitzt"

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Serenade (Japan) 08

"Serenade review 2008 (Japan)."

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T3-magazine (Russia) 08

"T3-magazine review 2008 (Russia)."

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Hifimaailma (finnish) Apr. 08


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Russia / T3 Magazine - Mar. 08

"Rogue6 got five Stars in test of T3 Magazine in Russia."

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K.Nevalainen / Innerworldaudio - Sep. 07

"Penaudion Chronos - kuuntelemisen visuaalinen mielihyvä"

"Jos kaiutin näyttää hyvältä, tyylikkäältä, se ei voi soida hyvin. Vähän samaan tapaan kuin jos misu näyttää sievältä, hän ei voi olla viisas. Typerää, asenteellista. Mitään loogista, välttämätöntä suhdetta ulkonäön ja äänen - tai fiksuuden - välillä ei ole. Käytäntö ratkaisee."

Lue lisää!

France / Prestige Audio Video - Oct. 07

"France / Prestige Audio Video | No. 126 - Septembre/Octobre 2007."
France_Prestige_Audio_Video.pdf (23,7 MB)

France / Stereo & Image - Jul. 07

"France / Stereo & Image | No. 15 - Juillet/Aout 2007."

France_Stereo_&_Image.pdf (15,7 MB)

France / Haute Fidelite - Jun. 07

"France / Haute Fidelite | No. 123 - Juin 2007."

France_Haute_Fidelite.pdf (22,8 MB)

Dave Thomas / Stereotimes - May 07

"As I mentioned before, my earlier experience with the Penaudio Chara/Charisma system resulted in my awarding it a Stereo Times “Most Wanted Component” award. With the Serenade, history is repeating itself. Highly recommended."

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Russia / Audio Magazine - April 2007

Rick Jensen / Enjoythemusic - Jan 07

"The Serenades exhibit clarity, transparency and neutrality at every listening."

"Once you are done admiring the elegant cabinet and the fact that there is lot of very nice sound coming from Serenades, they lie back and let you listen."

"The Serenades get it right."

"They merit serious consideration by anyone who loves music and might rather not spend $20.000 or more on a speaker."

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Poland/Product Of The Year 2006

Penaudio ALBA
No 27 July 2006

Poland / What Hifi – October 2006.

Wes Phillips/Stereophile - Feb. 06

WHAT HIFI (Korean edition) - Feb. 06

”The sound quality"Serenade was a highly successful takeoff for highend."

"There are high resolution and clarity in sound; real existence of space."

"Serenade is prove beyond the level of any modern flagship loudspeaker."

Nelson Brill/Stereotimes - Jan. 05


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Wes Phillips/Onhifi -May 04

"”The sound quality is certainly high-end –competitive with speakers that cost far more and take up a lot more space.”

“The Penaudios have the detail, timbre, and imaging that I require in a hi-fi system.”

“The Penaudio Charisma/Chara is a dream come true."

Dave Thomas/Stereotimes - Feb. 04

"The speakers created such a realistic experience that I soon closed my eyes and began to feel myself sitting at one of the quaint bistro tables that populate the fabled Green Mill Jazz Club where this disc was recorded here in Chicago. I could almost smell the smoke.”

“Not even my reference achieves quite this level of holography.”

“We need more of this in high-end audio.”

And conclusion: “My time with the Penaudio Charisma and Chara system was extremely enjoyable. At a price around $5,500 this is a stellar looking and sounding performer. Another advantage is that you can build a Penaudio system as your budget suits you. You can start with a pair of Charismas, which are excellent mini-monitors on their own, and add the Charas later. Either way, you`ll be rewarded with a speaker that is thoughtfully designed, sonically stunning and, yes, they`re cute too.”

Ken Kessler/Hifi News - Dec .02

"And how cool was Penaudio´s Charisma? One for imaging fanatics"

Kai Nieminen/Composer

"After hearing Penaudio Charisma I would say that it was the first loudspeaker that I was able to experience the beauty of concert hall at home, with all its sound ingredients and details."

Summary/Audio Accessory 110

The speaker itself is small, but it is energetic and has wide range response. Jazz wood bass doesn't reach to very low notes all the time, but its texture is very clear, especially feeling of pizzicato is expressed well and sounds deep. Piano sounds sharp and clear. Resolution of harmony is high and vivid. When listening a little while, the sound became thicker and had larger scale. Boy soprano sounds limpid and delicate, and no distortion of harmony. It is beautiful. The soundstage is wide and expressed unmixed. Chorus stays back in stage and its reverberation is reproduced well. It has high pureness of voices and very delicate expression. Harmony separation in chorus is good. Real note and its reverberation are resolved well.

HIFI+ magazine issue 21

(Charisma & Charm)

“This little speaker system offers the kind of astonishing clarity and out-of-the-box imaging that brings delicate, acoustic recordings to life. But it also possesses the dynamic grunt and control to remain unflustered by even the most over the top orchestral works, simply taking them in its stride and sorting them out with equal clarity and aplomb...

... don’t think of the Penaudio as a compromise, just consider it as an alternative approach. The companies’ tag line is “Auditional Wellbeing” and having lived with their products I can certainly go along with that.”

Charisma & Charm

"I would warmly recommend these speakers for true music enthusiasts looking superbly performing stand mounted loudspeaker system appreciating their unique, Nordic design

Charisma & Charm's sound was admirably well in balance. They produced richly detailed sound with very good soundstaging capability. Speakers were solid all range performers, they were at their best with acoustic music, both classical and jazz." - Rebel evo I

Rebel evo I

"At the same time the imaging is excellent, especially stage depth, which with the Korato's went way behind the back wall.
Detail was good without being exceptional, but certainly they were very fast, contributing to a fine sense of rhythm. They also had a definite preference for acoustic music, sounding wonderfully uncoloured with 'Jazz at the Pawnshop' and 'Take Five', dry bass light speakers often do."

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