Hi-Fi Choice Magazine Poland recommends Cenya

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Sara S Signature awarded Best Buy by french HiFi magazine Haute Fidélité.

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New nice Cenya report from Small Spaces Audio

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Great Sifonietta Review from Korea

Korean Sonitus reviewed Sinfonietta

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Penaudio Cenya in Stereophile's 2015 Recommended Components Fall Edition Loudspeakers!

"The Cenya is a two-way, rear-ported minimonitor with a 0.75" tweeter and a 6" mid/woofer, both sourced from SEAS. The beautiful cabinet measures 11.2" H by 6.4" W by 12.6" D and is made of laminated birch plywood and MDF. ST achieved best results when placing the Cenyas in the nearfield, noting an especially wide, deep soundstage with pinpoint imaging. The tonal balance was "refreshingly cool" and well suited to classical and jazz, he said. (Vol.35 No.6)" 

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One more great news from France. Cenya Signature reviewed by Haute Fidélité!

Nos attentes envers les Penaudio Cenya Signature ont été plus qu’exaucées. Leur gabarit «Weight Watcher» cache en réalité une musicalité XXL qui est la marque de
fabrique des créations de Sami Penttilä. La restitution est pleine, le message équilibré et intense de ces compactes étonnera les.

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Yeah! Rebel Three got ''Meilleur Achat'' (''Best Buy'') from Haute Fidélité

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Diapason French Magazine reviewed the loudspeakers from €3000 to €9000 and found Cenya as one of the best!

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Three great reviews from Korea. Audio Hi-Fi & Home Cinema Magazine reviewed Cenya, Rebel Two and Rebel Three!

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Penaudio Rebel Three review by 월간오디오

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