Penaudios Cenya again! -Russia

Cenya review from Russia.

SoundStage! - RMAF 2011

Show coverage

Sara review from Mexico!

Files are so far pretty large 13M so be patient.

First Cenya review! -Russia

The first Cenya review ever. And guys from Russia got ´em first. Audiomagazine_Cenya

2011 Rebel3 reviews from Russia

Latest reviews (2011) from Russia. Penaudios are sold in Russia by Audiomania.

Rebel3 Review Russia 2011

Penaudio Rebel3 Review Russia 2011

Latest review. Rebel3

Salon AV

Latest award for Charisma!

Penaudio Charisma has won "Pure Audio Grand Prix 2011" award from Japan in speaker category. Onneksi olkoon Charisma!

Penaudio Sara review from the Netherlands


Penaudio upgrade

Penaudio begin to use from now on 1st March 2011 WBT platinum plated Signature-series pole screws in Charisma, Cenya and Sara. They already exists in flagship model Serenade. WBT signature series pole screws are for the most exacting requirements in terms of signal transmission, mechanical stability and design. And as in every upgrade Penaudio is making there has to be sonical improvment too!

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